ProjMAN - International Conference on Project MANagement

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DAY 1 - October 13

Opening Session (Oct. 13 Wed - 16h00 - 16h30) (Click here for Zoom videoconference access - same Zoom link for Keynote Session)

Keynote Session (Oct. 13 Wed - 16h30 - 17h30) (Click here for Zoom videoconference access - same Zoom link for Opening Session)

Keynote Speaker: Professor Jorge Marx Gómez

Shortbio: Professor Jorge Marx Gómez studied Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Berlin (Germany). He was a lecturer and researcher at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (Germany) where he also obtained a PhD degree 2001 in Business Information Systems. From 2002 until 2003 he was a visiting professor for Business Informatics at the Technical University of Clausthal (Germany) and worked as guest lecturer in different countries. In 2004 he received his postdoctoral lecture qualification (Habilitation) at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. In 2004 he received a Honorary Professorship in Business Informatics at Universidad Central de las Villas (Cuba). Since 2006 Jorge Marx Gómez is a full professor and chair of Business Information Systems at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg (Germany). He is furthermore the director of the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research (COAST) at Oldenburg University and board member of the Energy Group at OFFIS-Institute. His research interests include Business Information Systems, Federated ERP-Systems, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Applied AI, Interoperability, Environmental Management Information Systems, ICT for Sustainability and E- and Mobile-Commerce. Prof. Dr. Jorge Marx Gómez successfully coordinated several national and international research, capacity building and mobility projects (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, DAAD) and participated in several EU-FP7 projects.

Keynote title: Project Management in Data Science projects - 2 use cases

DAY 2 - October 14

Parallel Session 1A (CENTERIS) (Oct. 14 Thu - 09h30 - 11h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

IT Architects And IT-Business Alignment: A Theoretical Review, Christof Gellweiler

The Influence Of Technological Innovations On International Business Strategy Before And During Covid-19 Pandemic, Carla Santos Pereira, Bruno Veloso, Natércia Durão, Fernando Moreira

Diversity Of Seniority In A Digital Innovation Challenge Experiment, Bjarne Rerup Schlichter, Ivan Juhl Nielsen

Basic Digital Competence In Norwegian Banking, Julie Norveel, Rolando Gonzales, Wanda Presthus

Digital Transformation As Distributed Leadership: Firing The Change Agent, Anne-Christine Rosfeldt Lorentzen

Parallel Session 2A (CENTERIS) (Oct. 14 Thu - 11h30 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Cultural Values In Digital Transformation In A Small Company, Veera Tuukkanen, Emma Wolgsjö, Lazar Rusu

Methodology For Introducing Creativity In Requirements Engineering, Vitor Santos, Clara Silveira, Leonilde Reis, Henrique Mamede

How Digital Tools Align With Organizational Agility And Strengthen Digital Innovation In Automotive Startups, Dulce Goncalves, Magnus Bergquist, Sverker Alänge, Richard Bunk

Lean 4.0 Tools And Technologies To Improve Companies’ Maturity Level: The Covid-19 Context, Nedjwa Elafri, Yassine Maleh, Bertrand Rose, Majed Abdeen, Gabriela Fernandes, Souad Sassi Boudemagh

Towards A Pay-Per-X Maturity Model For Equipment Manufacturing Companies, Joonas Schroderus, Lester Lasrado, Karan Menon, Hannu Kärkkäinen

Parallel Session 3A (CENTERIS) (Oct. 14 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

A Customizable Web Platform To Manage Standards Compliance Of Information Security And Cybersecurity Auditing, Mário Antunes, Marisa Maximiano, Ricardo Gomes

A Gender Perspective On Gdpr And Information Privacy, Hanne Sørum, Ragnhild Eg, Wanda Presthus

Analysis Of Critical Success Factors To Mitigate Privacy Risks In Iot Devices, Sitesh Mohanty, Kathryn Cormican, Chandrasekhar Dhanapathi

Cyber-Physical Systems Using Open Design: An Approach Towards An Open Science Lab For Manufacturing, Hélio Castro, Nuno Pinto, Filipe Ferreira, Luís Ferreira, Paulo Ávila, João Bastos, Goran D. Putnik, Manuela Cruz-Cunha

Parallel Session 4A (CENTERIS) (Oct. 14 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Digitalization At The Point-Of-Sale In Grocery Retail - State Of The Art Of Smart Shelf Technology And Application Scenarios, Marike Kellermayr-Scheucher, Laura Hörandner, Patrick Brandtner

A Ubiquitous Service-Oriented Automatic Optical Inspection Platform For Textile Industry, Dibet Garcia Gonzalez, Yusbel Chavez Castilla, Somayeh Shaharadaby, Ana Mackay, Lucia Soares, Pedro Guimarães, Francisco Morais, Joel Puga, Filipe Meneses, Adriano Moreira, Miguel Machado, Telmo Adão, Luis Magalhães, Miguel Angel Guevara López

A Web-Based Voice Interaction Framework Proposal For Enhancing Information Systems User Experience, Tiago F. Pereira, Carlos M. Mayeaa, Frederico Pereira, Nelson Monroy, João Jorge, Tiago Rosa, Carlos E. Salgado, Ana Lima, Ricardo J. Machado, Luis Magalhães, Telmo Adão, Miguel Ángel Guevara López, Dibet Garcia Gonzalez

Contributions To The Design Of Mobile Applications For Visitors Of Botanical Gardens, Stefan Postolache, Rafael Torres, Ana Paula Afonso, Maria Beatriz Carmo, Ana Paula Cláudio, Dulce Domingos, António Ferreira, Raquel Barata, Palmira Carvalho, Ana Godinho Coelho, Maria Cristina Duarte, César Garcia

Parallel Session 1B (CENTERIS) (Oct. 14 Thu - 09h30 - 11h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Identifying Sales-Influencing Touchpoints Along The Omnichannel Customer Journey, Robert Zimmermann, Wolfgang Weitzl, Andreas Auinger

Examining The Interlink Of Social Media Use, Purchase Behavior, And Mental Health, Haslinda Hassan, Hafizah Mohamad Hsbollah, Rosli Mohamad

Online Grocery Shoppers Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic - An Analysis Of Demographic And Household Characteristics, Niklas Eriksson, Minna Stenius

Factors Affecting Cloud ERP Adoption Decisions In Organizations, Vilde Christiansen, Moutaz Haddara, Marius Langseth

The Effect Of Electronic Health Records On The Medical Professional Identity Of Physicians: A Systematic Literature Review, Albert Boonstra, Janita Vos, Lars Rosenberg

Parallel Session 2B (CENTERIS) (Oct. 14 Thu - 11h30 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Potential Of Automated Configuration Control To Reduce Hospital Building Deficiencies, Pia Schönbeck, Malin Löfsjögård, Anders Ansell

Academic Procrastination And Online Learning During The Covid-19 Pandemic, Jørgen Melgaard, Rubina Akhtar Monir, Lester Allan Lasrado, Asle Fagerstrøm

NoOps – A Multivocal Literature Review, Tommy Stefanac, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios

Using A Graph Database For The Ontology-Based Information Integration Of Business Objects From Heterogenous Business Information Systems, Carolin Blankenberg, Berit Gebel-Sauer, Petra Schubert

An Investigation Of Smart Water Meter Adoption Factors At Universities, Nieyaaz Adams, Osden Jokonya

Parallel Session 3B (CENTERIS) (Oct. 14 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Improvement Of Planning And Time Control In The Project Management Of A Metalworking Industry - Case Study, José Silva, Paulo Àvila, Leonel Patrício, José Carlos Sá, Luís Pinto Ferreira, João Bastos, Hélio Castro

A Workspace Typology For Enterprise Collaboration Systems, Sebastian Bahles, Florian Schwade, Petra Schubert

Enterprise Collaboration Platforms: An Empirical Study Of Technology Support For Collaborative Work, Petra Schubert, Susan P. Williams

Sustainable Criteria To The Self-Decision Making Of The Partners Regarding Its Integration In Collaborative Networks, Leonel Patrício, Paulo Ávila, Leonilde Varela, Carlos Costa, Paula Ferreira, Manuela Cruz-Cunha, Luís Ferreira, João Bastos, Hélio Castro

Parallel Session 4B (ProjMAN) (Oct. 14 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

The Network Entropy As A Measure Of A Complexity For Project Organizational Structures, Jose Ramon San Cristóbal

Significance Of The Contractual Relationship For The Efficient Railway Maintenance Project Planning, Daria Ivina, Robin A. Stenberg, Nils O.E. Olsson, Lena Winslott Hiselius

Early Contractor Involvement In The Valdres Project Delivery Model, Marius Lium, Paulos A. Wondimu, Ola Lædre

Experiences With Partnering: A Case Study On The Development Phase, Tobias Onshuus Malkvik, Atle Engebø

Parallel Session 1C (ProjMAN) (Oct. 14 Thu - 09h30 - 11h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Geographic Information System Usage Options In Facility Management, Lucie Vankova, Zdenek Krejza, Gabriela Kocourkova

Project Management Maturity In The Biotechnology Industry, Micaela Martins, Cláudia De Sousa Silva, José Magano

Smes, Barriers And Opportunities On Adopting Industry 4.0: A Review, Hussein Elhusseiny, José Crispim

An Experimental Study On The Effects Of Gamification On Task Performance, Changiz Hosseini, Oda Humlung, Asle Fagerstrøm, Moutaz Haddara

An Analysis Of How Well Serious Games Cover The PMBOK, Etiane Marcelino, Luísa Domingues

Parallel Session 2C (ProjMAN) (Oct. 14 Thu - 11h30 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Addressing The Challenges To Successfully Manage University-Industry R&D Collaborations, Gabriela Fernandes, David O'Sullivan, Luís Ferreira

Research Approaches In Opportunity Management: Scoping Review, Andrei Marsov, Nils Olsson, Ola Lædre

A Closed-Loop Control For A Cooperative Innovation Culture In Interorganizational R&D Projects, Katharina Dieterich, Peter Ohlhausen

Government Inter-Organizational, Digital Transformation Projects: Five Key Lessons Learned From A Norwegian Case Study, Kristin Hafseld, Bassam Hussein, Antoine Rauzy

Interlinking Sustainability In Organizational Strategy, Project Portfolio Management And Project Management; A Conceptual Framework, Gilbert Silvius, Carl Marnewick

Parallel Session 3C (ProjMAN) (Oct. 14 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Assessment Of The Regional Current Liquidity In The Construction Industry Of The Czech Republic, Eva Vitkova, Lucie Vankova, Gabriela Kocourkova

Over Time Or On Time? A Study Of Delays In Large Government Projects, Morten Welde, Ingri Bukkestein

The Role Of The PMO In Enforcing And Standardizing Attendance To The Needs Of Software Project Teams By Project Managers, Robert Hans, Ernest Mnkandla

Multiple Linear Regression Model For Improved Project Cost Forecasting, Filippo Maria Ottaviani, Alberto De Marco

Optimal Time For Contractors To Enter Infrastructure Projects, Freddy Antonsson, David Lindvall, Johan Lagerkvist, Rasmus Rempling

Parallel Session 4C (ProjMAN) (Oct. 14 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On Construction Companies In The Czech Republic, Martin Nový, Jana Nováková

Synergy Between Traditional, Agile And Lean Management Approaches In Construction Projects: Bibliometric Analysis, Abdallah Lalmi, Gabriela Fernandes, Souad Sassi Boudemagh

MMI In The Design Process - Findings And Improvement Opportunities From A Case Study, Ulrik Hansen, Roar Fosse, Ola Lædre

Identifying Critical Success Factors In Continuous Improvement Projects In A Steel Company, Fernando Díaz Arnaiz, Valeriano Alvarez Cabal, Vicente Rodríguez Montequín, Sonia María Cousillas Fernández

Parallel Session 1D (HCist) (Oct. 14 Thu - 09h30 - 11h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Deep Learning Models For Intracranial Hemorrhage Recognition: A Comparative Study, Mohammed Ammar, Mohamed Amine Lamri, Saïd Mahmoudi, Amel Laidi

Machine Learning Automatic Assessment For Glaucoma And Myopia Based On Corvis St Data, Danilo Leite, Maria Campelos, Ana Fernandes, Pedro Baptista, João Beirão, Pedro Menéres, António Cunha

Abnormality Classification In Small Datasets Of Capsule Endoscopy Images, Filipe Fonseca, Beatriz Nunes, Marta Salgado, António Cunha

Ovarian Structures Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Diego Wanderley, Carlos Alexandre Ferreira, Aurélio Campilho, Jorge Silva

Parallel Session 2D (HCist) (Oct. 14 Thu - 11h30 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Reasoning About Bladder Cancer Treatment Outcomes Using Clinical Trials Within A Knowledge-Based Clinical Evidence Approach, Chamseddine Barki, Hanene Boussi Rahmouni, Salam Labidi

Unsupervised Analysis Of Covid-19 Pandemic Evolution In Brazilian States, Victor Cassão, Domingos Alves, Ana Clara De Andrade Mioto, Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Newton Shydeo Brandão Miyoshi

Covid-19 Time Series Forecasting – Twenty Days Ahead, Kathleen Carvalho, João Paulo Vicente, João Paulo Teixeira

Data Warehouse For Machine Learning: Application To Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Marwa Ben Ammar, Faten Labbene Ayachi, Riadh Ksontini, Halima Mahjoubi

Parallel Session 3D (HCist) (Oct. 14 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

A Computational Infrastructure For Semantic Data Integration Towards A Patient-Centered Database For Tuberculosis Care, Vinícius Lima, Filipe Bernardi, Michael Domingues, Rui Rijo, Domingos Alves

Clinical Interactions In Electronic Medical Records Towards The Development Of A Token-Economy Model, Nicole Allison Co, Jason Limcaco, Hans Calvin Tan, Maria Regina Justina Estuar, Christian Pulmano, Dennis Villamor, Quirino Sugon, Maricar Bautista, Paulyn Jean Claro

Developing A Process Mining Tool Based On HL7, João Almeida, Ricardo Cruz-Correia

Integrated Privacy Decision In BPMN Clinical Care Pathways Models Using DMN, Intidhar Essefi, Hanen Boussi Rahmouni, Mohamed Fethi Ladeb

Mental Health Indicators In The Hospitalization Process In A Brazilian Psychosocial Care Network, Inacia Bezerra De Lima, Domingos Alves, Andre Luiz Teixeira Vinci, Rui Pedro Charters Lopes Rijo, Ricardo Martinho, Diego Bettiol Yamada, Filipe Andrade Bernard, Antonia Regina Ferreira Furegato

Parallel Session 4D (HCist) (Oct. 14 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Towards A Theoretical Understanding Of Workarounds Emerging From Use Of A Referral Mobile Application: A Developing Country Context, Meke Kapepo, Jean-Paul Van Belle, Edda Weimann

Evaluation Of Mobile Health Apps For Non-Medical Cannabis Use: A Scoping Review, Hayat Sedrati, Zakaria Belrhiti, Chakib Nejjari, Hassan Ghazal

Understanding Wearing-Off Symptoms In Parkinson’S Disease Patients Using Wrist-Worn Fitness Tracker And A Smartphone, John Noel Victorino, Yuko Shibata, Sozo Inoue, Tomohiro Shibata

My Latent Tuberculosis Treatment - Mobile Application To Assist In Adherence To Latent Tuberculosis Treatment, Thomaz Felipe Soares Arnizant, Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Tiago Lara Michelin Sanchez, Nathalia Yukie Crepaldi, Thiago Nascimento Do Prado, Marcelle Temporim Novaes, Ethel Leonor Noia Maciel, Domingos Alves

Posters Session (Oct. 14 Thu - 19h00 - 20h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Extension Of Socioemotional Wealth Perspective With The Process Of Selecting Local Family Business Successors, Shogo Kamei, Hiroaki Itakura, Setsuko Shibuya

Characterization Of Seaweed Communities Using Deep Learning Applied To UAV-Based Hyperspectral Images, João Pedro Gomes, Joaquim J. Sousa, Luís Pádua, Carlos Rompante Cunha, António Cunha

Band Reduction In Hyperspectral Imaging Of Flavescence Dorée Grapevine Disease By Polynomial Approach, Roshan Nepaul, Théo Bernardin, Kevin Fanton, Joaquim J. Sousa, António Cunha

Investigating The Impact Of Enterprise Architecture Adoption In Smart Cities, Bokolo Anthony Jnr., Sobah Abbas Petersen, Eldar Hauge Torkelsen

Deployment Of Enterprise Architecture For Management Of Digital Services In Smart Cities, Anthony Jnr. Bokolo, Sobah Abbas Petersen, Eldar Hauge Torkelsen

Digital Readiness Through Shared Values And Carefully Designed Organizational Practices, Anne-Christine Rosfeldt Lorentzen, Christa Thomsen

Monitoring And Evaluation Indicators For Tuberculosis Based On Laboratory Routine Data Managed Through Redcap, Vinícius Lima, Jaquelane Silva, Filipe Bernardi, Marcelo Dos Santos, Afrânio Kritski, Domingos Alves

Generative Data Augmentation For Gastric Cancer Detection, Sara Nóbrega, Diogo Couto, António Cunha

Methods Of Glaucoma Classification Focusing On The Optic Disc, Jose Camera, Alexandre Neto, Cristiana Fernandes, António Cunha

Clinical Decision Support System (Cdss): Systematic Literature Review (Slr) And Discussion Regarding Future Research Areas, Dayaben Kansagra, Saurabh Gupta

Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques In The Analysis Of Bad Outcomes In The Treatment Of Tuberculosis: A Research Protocol, Ana Clara De Andrade Mioto, Newton Shydeo Brandão Miyoshi, Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Victor Cassão, Domingos Alves

The Effectiveness Of Managing Lessons Learned From Projects In Selected Organisations In Botswana, Joseph K Sseagawa, Patience Chika, Keneilwe Ntshwene

How To Evaluate Sustainability In Projects? On The Pursue Of KPIs, Iolanda Silva-Rocha, José Ângelo Pinto

The Risk Management Question And The Project Manager/Engineer In Practice Under Fidic Contracts – The Conundrum Of Project Participants Behaviours, Pantaleo D. Rwelamila, Joseph K. Ssegawa

DAY 3 - October 15

Parallel Session 5A (CENTERIS) (Oct. 15 Fri - 09h30 - 11h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Grapevine Segmentation In Rgb Images Using Deep Learning, Gabriel A. P. Dos S. Carneiro, Rafaela Magalhães, Alexandre Neto, Joaquim J. Sousa, António Cunha

Automatic Detection Of Flavescense Dorée Grapevine Disease In Hyperspectral Images Using Machine Learning, Diogo Silva, Théo Bernardin, Kévin Fanton, Roshan Nepaul, Luís Pádua, Joaquim J. Sousa, António Cunha

Exploring Dataset Manipulation Via Machine Learning For Botnet Traffic, Rodrigo Abrantes, Pedro Mestre, Antonio Cunha

Analyzing The Fine Tuning’S Impact In Grapevine Classification, Gabriel Carneiro, Ana Ferreira, Raul Morais, Joaquim Sousa, António Cunha

Algorithms To Analyze The Impact Of Change On Enterprise Architecture, Kawtar Imgharene, Doumi Karim, Salah Baina

Parallel Session 6A (CENTERIS) (Oct. 15 Fri - 11h30 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Ground Movement Classification Using Statistical Tests Over Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Time Series, S. Mohammad Mirmazloumi, Yismaw Wassie, José Antonio Navarro, Riccardo Palamà, Michele Crosetto, Oriol Monserrat

Failure Of AI Projects: Understanding The Critical Factors, Jens Westenberger, Kajetan Schuler, Dennis Schlegel

Deformation Fringes Detection In SAR Interferograms Using Deep Learning, Bruno Silva, Joaquim J. Sousa, Milan Lazecky, António Cunha

Asynchronous Backtracking Variant Applied To A Rolls Replacement Process Within A Wire Rod Mill, Ana María Valdeón Junquera, Vicente Rodríguez Montequín, Joaquín Manuel Villanueva Balsera, Javier García González

Customer Reviews Sentiment-Based Analysis And Clustering For Market-Oriented Tourism Services And Products Development Or Positioning, Sandra Jardim, Mora Carlos

Parallel Session 7A (CENTERIS) (Oct. 15 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Data Mesh: Concepts And Principles Of A Paradigm Shift In Data Architectures, Inês Machado, Carlos Costa, Maribel Yasmina Santos

Blockchain-Enabled Sustainability Labeling In The Fashion Industry, Anne-Marthe Rekdal Remme, Stine Mari Stange, Asle Fagerstrøm, Lester Allan Lasrado

Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Big Data As A Service In Smes, Tayla Wessels, Osden Jokonya

Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Data Management As A Service, Olwethu Zide, Osden Jokonya

A Graph Based Recommender System For Managing Covid-19 Crisis, Yemna Sayeb, Maroua Jebri, Henda Ben Ghezala

Parallel Session 5B (ProjMAN) (Oct. 15 Fri - 09h30 - 11h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Socio-Economic Impacts Of Occurrences On Railways, Vít Hromádka, Jana Korytárová, Eva Vítková, Herbert Seelmann, Tomáš Funk

Decision Making In Engineering Projects, Zakari Tsiga

Lean Construction Management Techniques And BIM Technology – Systematic Literature Review, Adrian Michalski, Eryk Głodziński, Klaus Bӧde

Adoption And Impact Of Management Standards - Position Paper, Alexandra Tenera, João Varajão

Parallel Session 6B (ProjMAN) (Oct. 15 Fri - 11h30 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

A Method For Project Portfolio Risk Assessment Considering Risk Interdependencies – A Network Perspective, Camilo Mican, Gabriela Fernandes, Madalena Araújo

Challenges Of Cloud-ERP Adoptions In Smes, Sara Gøthesen, Moutaz Haddara, Marius Langseth

Risks Of Data Science Projects - A Delphi Study, Cristina Varela, Luísa Domingues

Definition Of A Technique For Characterizing The Expected Benefits Of A Project, Pedro Cunha, Pedro Ribeiro

Parallel Session 7B (ProjMAN) (Oct. 15 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Crime In The Aec-Industry: Opportunity Space For The Quality Assurer, Arnfinn Øversveen, Ola Lædre, Jardar Lohne

Application Of The PM² Methodology In The Project Management Of The Portuguese Project Management Observatory Creation – Initiating Phase, Sofia Ribeiro-Lopes, Anabela Tereso, José Luís Ferreira, Paulo Sousa, Pedro Engrácia

Opportunity Space For Work-Related Crime From Procurement To Production, Amalie Steen Selvik, Maren Mikaelsen Edvardsen, Ola Lædre, Jardar Lohne

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) For Measuring PMOs Services In Selected Organisations In Botswana, Keneilwe Ntshwene, Joseph K. Ssegawa, Pantaleo D. Rwelamila

Project Management In Office: BIM Implementation, Alcinia Sampaio

Parallel Session 5C (ProjMAN) (Oct. 15 Fri - 09h30 - 11h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

What Promotes Motivation And Learning In Project Management Students?, Hilde Nordahl-Pedersen, Kari Heggholmen

Do You Really Understand Me? An Analysis Of Cultural Intelligence In Global Projects, Emma Kilduff, Kathryn Cormican

Learning Project Management. The Case Of Further Education In Norway, Tina Åsgård

Student Peer Mentoring In An Entrepreneurship Course, Kari Håvåg Voldsund, Judit Johnstad Bragelien

Employee Learning In The Digitalization Context: An Evaluation From Team Members’ And Project Managers’ Perspectives, Bertha Ngereja, Bassam Hussein

Parallel Session 6C (HCist) (Oct. 15 Fri - 11h30 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

The Minimum Dataset For Rare Diseases In Brazil: A Systematic Review Protocol, Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Diego Bettiol Yamada, Bibiana Mello De Oliveira, Vinicius Costa Lima, Têmis Maria Félix, Domingos Alves

Polyps Detection In Colonoscopies, José Ribeiro, Sara Nóbrega, António Cunha

Optic Disc And Cup Segmentations For Glaucoma Assessment Using Cup-To-Disc Ratio, Alexandre Neto, Jose Camera, Sérgio Oliveira, Ana Cláudia Teixeira, António Cunha

Medical Imaging Repository Contributions For Radiation Protection Key Performance Indicators, Milton Santos, Nelson Pacheco Rocha

A Timeline Model For Clinical Events: Empowering Data, Rute Bastardo, Mariana Castro, João Pavão, Luís Ramos

Parallel Session 7C (HCist) (Oct. 15 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Using Virtual Reality In The Development Of An Index-Engine Of Physical And Emotional Sustainability, Carlos R. Cunha, Alcina Nunes, Vânia Costa, Paula Odete Fernandes, José Bragada, Luís Pires, Maria José, Pedro Magalhães

Understanding The RFID Deployment At Sacred Heart Medical Center: Using Technology-Organization-Environment Framework Lenses, Rebecca Angeles

Stemi-Cr: Solution For Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction At Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, António Pinheiro Candjondjo, Elisabete Vaz, Sara Marques, José Moreira

Design And Implementation Of Medical Searching System Based On Microservices And Serverless Architectures, Jawad Sadek, Dawn Craig, Michael Trenell

Parallel Session 5D (HCist) (Oct. 15 Fri - 09h30 - 11h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Face Masks On Instagram: An Analysis Of Public Health Authorities’ Guidance Toward Prevention, Pâmela Pinto, Fellipe Brasileiro, Maria João Antunes, Ana Margarida Almeida

Co-Design Of A Routine That Implements An Equity And Quality Checklist To Vulnerable Elders On Primary Care: A Living Lab Approach, Magda Almeida, Adriana Taveira, Ana Macedo, José Crispim

Eatlocal: A Platform That Connects Local Farmers, Consumers, Municipalities And Non-Governmental Organisations, Rafaela Fortunato, Ana Zina, Samantha Breyer, Diana Paulino, Carolina Santos

Enactive Methods Towards Situational Learning - Engaging People With Intellectual And Developmental Disability In Design, Lise Amy Hansen, Sofie Wass

Medication, Quality And Work Practice, Camilla Bjørnstad, Gunnar Ellingsen

Parallel Session 6D (HCist) (Oct. 15 Fri - 11h30 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

A Micro-Analysis Approach In Understanding Electronic Medical Record Usage In Rural Communities: Comparison Of Frequency Of Use On Performance Before And During The Covid-19 Pandemic, Paulyn Jean Acacio-Claro, Maria Regina Justina Estuar, Dennis Andrew Villamor, Maria Cristina Bautista, Quirino Jr. Sugon, Christian Pulmano

How To Improve Emergency Information Systems To Optimize The Care Of Acute Stroke, Nelson Rocha

A Scoping Review Of Digital Solutions That Might Be Used As Cognitive Screening Instruments Of Community-Dwelling Older Adults, Nelson Rocha

Audiovisual Translation Models For Visually Impaired Users Of Interactive Television (Itv), Rita Oliveira, Jorge Ferraz De Abreu, Ana Margarida Almeida

Towards An Evaluation Framework For Ubiquitous, Self-Evolving Patient Identification Solutions In Health Information Systems, Ovidiu Noran, Peter Bernus

Parallel Session 7D (HCist) (Oct. 15 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Care By Video Consultations: Why Or Why Not?, Jan Aidemark

TBI Score - Use Of A Mobile Score System To Aid The Diagnosis Of Tuberculosis In Children In Brazil, Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Vinicius Costa Lima, Danilo Maglio Sampaio, Marcelo Cordeiro Dos Santos, Rui Pedro Charters Lopes Rijo, Domingos Alves

Covid-19 Br: A Web Portal For Covid-19 Information In Brazil, Isabelle Carvalho, Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Mariane Barros Neiva, Vinícius Costa Lima, Lariza Laura De Oliveira, Newton Shydeo Brandão Miyoshi, Tiago Lara Michelin Sanches, Francisco Barbosa Junior, Nathalia Yukie Crepaldi, Diego Bettiol Yamada, Domingos Alves

Protective Equipment Applicable To A Centralized Cytostatic Preparation Unit, Ana Sofia Nunes Gonçalves, Rui A. F. De Oliveira, Paula Odete Fernandes

Closing Session (Oct. 18 Fri - 16h30 - 17h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)