ProjMAN - International Conference on Project MANagement

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DAY 1 - November 9

Opening Session (Nov. 9 Wed - 15h30 - 15h40. Click here for Zoom videoconference access - same Zoom link for Keynote Session)

Keynote Session I (Nov. 9 Wed - 15h40 - 16h20. Click here for Zoom videoconference access - same Zoom link for Opening Session)

Keynote Speaker: Robert Davison

Shortbio: Robert Davison is a Professor of Information Systems at the City University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on the use and misuse of information systems, especially with respect to problem solving, guanxi formation and knowledge management, in Chinese organisations. He is particularly known for his scholarship in the domain of action research. Robert is the Editor-in-Chief of the Information Systems Journal and the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries. As a researcher and as an editor, he seeks to promote both an inclusive and an indigenous perspective to research.

Keynote title: Digital Leadership in Digital Transformation: A Conversation with a CDO in China

Keynote Session II (Nov. 9 Wed - 16h20 - 17h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access - same Zoom link for Opening Session)

Keynote Speaker: Nuno Mateus-Coelho

Shortbio: Nuno Mateus-Coelho is a University Professor at Polytechnic of Cávado and Ave, book author, TED, IEEE and Web Summit Speaker, Director of the LAPI2S laboratory, and Cybersecurity Board Adviser for Amkor and Forvia. As a PhD in cybersecurity, Nuno regularly appears as a contributor and expert for CNN concerning all things on cybersecurity.

Keynote title: Quantum Computer and Cybersecurity challenges for early 2023

Posters Session (Nov. 9 Wed - 17h00 - 18h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access - same Zoom link as for Keynote Session)

Public Web Portal For Agriculture Information Sharing, Ana Mendes, Cátia Cardoso, Nuno Figueiredo, António Cunha, Joaquim Sousa, António Sousa

Databasing On Demand For Research Data Repositories Explained With A Large Epidoc Dataset, Sylvia Melzer, Simon Schiff, Franziska Weise, Kaja Harter, Ralf Möller

Open Strategy In Higher Education: A Case Study In A Public University, Andrey Santos, Eliana Bahia, Isaías Bianchi, Rosalia Lavarda

The Empirical Investigation For Internet-Only Bank Switching Resistance, Avus Hou

Is There A Way Of Awarding Public Contracts In The Field Of Road Transport More Efficiently?, Petr Fiala

Computer Simulation For Nurse Staffing In An Outpatient Clinic, Sung Jae Shim, Arun Kumar, Roger Jiao

DAY 2 - November 10

Parallel Session 1A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Thu - 08h30 - 10h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Analysis Of (Gender-)Inclusive Language Strategies In Ecotourism Corporate Websites Of Southern Spanish Smes, María Jiménez-Castro, Mar Díaz-Millón, Irene Rivera-Trigueros

Why Web Accessibility Is Important For Your Institution, Francisco Filipe, Ivan Miguel Pires, António Jorge Gouveia

The Possibilities Of Changes In Learning Experiences With Metaverse, Joana Braguez, Marta Braguez, Sílvia Moreira, Carla Filipe

Using Extended Reality In Experiential Learning For Hospitality Management Education, Carlos R. Cunha, Catarina Martins, Vítor Mendonça

'Time' Spent In Youth'S 'Global Information Space' (Problems Of Satisfaction Of Reading Or Information Need), Parviz Kazimi, Nigar Guliyeva

Sustainable Smart Waste Management Adoption Challenges In Developing Countries, Eline Fidje, Moutaz Haddara, Marius Langseth

Fostering Future Engineers As Transformational Agents: Integrating Sustainability And Entrepreneurship In Engineering Education, Antonieta Alcorta De Bronstein, Sven Lampe, Jantje Halberstadt

The Impact Of Erp Systems In Internal Auditing: The Portuguese Case, Tiago Silva, Rui Pedro Marques, Graça Azevedo

Parallel Session 2A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Thu - 11h00 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Application Of Ahp And Electre I Decision Making Methods To Solve A Health And Safety Problem, António Rocha

Quality Management Practices To Direct And Control The Accomplishment Of Project Objectives In R&D Units, António Rocha, Fernando Romero, Daniel Miranda, Marlene Amorim, Rui Lima

Production Of An Injection Mold: Analysis And Improvements Identification In The Manufacturing Process, Bruna Parente, Diana Miranda, Ericka Freitas, Guilherme Silva, Lázaro Martins, António Rocha

Uncover Social Media Interactions On Cryptocurrencies Using Social Set Analysis (Ssa), Hibaq Omar, Lester Allan Lasrado

New Lifestyles Due To Covid-19 And Behavior Of Young People Attending Universities In Japan, Komiya Nozomi

A Webapp For Reliability Detection In Social Media, Filipe David, Nuno Guimaraes, Álvaro Figueira

Data Mining Applied To Knowledge Management, Jorge Duque, Firmino Silva, António Godinho

Corrosion Analysis Through An Adaptive Preprocessing Strategy Using The K-Means Algorithm, Nelva Nely Almanza-Ortega, Juana María Flores-Vázquez, Héctor Martínez-Añorve, Joaquín Pérez-Ortega, José Crispín Zavala-Díaz, Adriana Mexicano-Santoyo, Jesús Carlos Carmona-Fraustro

Evaluating Collaborative Rationality-Based Decisions: A Literature Review, Nada Elgendy, Ahmed Elragal, Tero Päivärinta

A Set Of Measures Of Centrality By Level For Social Network Analysis, Charifa Laghridat, Mohamed Essalih

On The Use Of Logistics Data To Anticipate Drugs Shortages Through Data Mining, Angie Nguyen, Omar Bougacha, Béranger Lekens, Samir Lamouri, Robert Pellerin, Christophe Couvreur

Parallel Session 3A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

A Deep Learning Approach For Automatic Counting Of Bedbugs And Grape Moth, Ana Cláudia Teixeira, Raul Morais, Joaquim Sousa, António Cunha

Using Deep Learning For Automatic Detection Of Insects In Traps, Ana Cláudia Teixeira, Raul Morais, Joaquim Sousa, António Cunha

The Effect Of Deep Learning Methods On Deepfake Audio Detection For Digital Investigation, Mvelo Mcuba, Avinash Singh, Richard Ikuesan, Hein Venter

Benchmarking Deep Learning Models And Hyperparameters For Bridge Defects Classification, Somayeh Shahrabadi, Dibet Gonzalez, Nuno Sousa, Telmo Adão, Emanuel Peres, Luis Magalhães

Footwear Segmentation And Recommendation Supported By Deep Learning: An Exploratory Proposal, João Oliveira, Rui Gomes, Dibet Gonzalez, Nuno Sousa, Somayeh Shahrabadi, Miguel Guevara, Emanuel Peres, Luís Magalhães, Telmo Adão

Assessing Machine Learning Adoption At The Firm Level: The Moderating Effect Of The Environmental Context, Pedro Filipe, Pedro Ruivo, Tiago Oliveira

Evaluation Of Solvers’ Performance For Solving The Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem, João Carlos Silva, Nuno Lopes, Cátia Alves, Goran Putnik, Leonilde Varela, Luís Ferreira, Manuela Cunha

Understanding Machine Learning Adoption: The Moderating Effects Of Process Sophistication And Mimetic Pressures, Vasyl Tsykolanov, Pedro Ruivo, Tiago Oliveira

Parallel Session 4A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Data Mining For The Global Multiplex Weekly Average Income Analysis, Nicholas Dominic, Gregorius Natanael Elwirehardja, Bens Pardamean

Exploratory Approach For Automatic Detection Of Vine Rows In Terrace Vineyards, Nuno Figueiredo, António Cunha, Joaquim Sousa, António Sousa

Listen To The Noise – Demonstrating An End To End Multi-Platform And Multilingual Sentiment Analysis Approach, Daniel Anusic, Abid Hussain

Acacia Dealbata Classification From Aerial Imagery Acquired Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Jorge Pinto, António Sousa, Joaquim J. Sousa, Emanuel Peres, Luís Pádua

Development Of Tools To Support The Production Planning In A Textile Company, Ana Guise, Ângela Silva, Senhorinha Teixeira

Data Spaces Based Approach For B2B Data Exchange: A Footwear Industry Case, Pedro Pinto, Cristóvão Sousa

Data-Driven Production Planning Approach Based On Suppliers And Subcontractors Analysis: The Case Of The Footwear Cluster, Ricardo Miguel Ferreira, Cristóvão Dinis Sousa, Davide Rua Carneiro

An Analysis Of Open Data Scoring System Towards Data Science For Sustainability In Industry 4.0, Hélio Castro

Parallel Session 1B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Thu - 08h30 - 10h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Increasing Energy Efficiency In Smart Building Through Internet Of Things Retrofitting Intervention, Roberta Vadruccio, Chiara Siragusa, Angela Tumino

The IoT To Smart Cities - A Design Science Research Approach, Jorge Duque

Crowdsourcing Technologies To Promote Citizens’ Participation In Smart Cities, A Scoping Review, Nelson Rocha

A Methodology To Analyze The Development Of Local Energy Communities Based On Socio-Energetic Nodes And Actor-Network Theory, Yolène Berrou, Eddie Soulier

Conception Of An Itinerary Planning Assistant For Ev Drivers, Rahul Roy Jannapura Shivakumar, Christian Winter

Understanding Relation Between Ea And Smart Cities Using Text-Based Analysis, Wajih Krimi, Yemna Sayeb, Henda Ben Ghezala

Descriptive And Inferential Statistics Of Serious Accidents Involving Considerably Automated Vehicles—A Necessity Of Smart Cities, Victor K. Y. Chan

An Infrastructure Of Battery Swapping And Charging Stations In Smart Cities To “Disrupt” The Current Ecosystem Of Battery Usage: A Schematic Design, Victor K. Y. Chan Chan

Skills Provisioning For The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Bibliometric Analysis, Sibukele Gumbo, Hossana Twinomurinzi, Kelvin Bwalya, Samuel Fosso Wamba

Parallel Session 2B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Thu - 11h00 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Lifecycle Support For Iot-Driven Business Rules, Yusuf Kirikkayis, Florian Gallik, Manfred Reichert

Designing An Evaluation Framework For Iot Environmental Monitoring Systems, Thomas Thaddaeus Kozlowski, Ovidiu Noran, Jarrod Trevathan

Iot-Based Diagnostic Assistance For Energy Optimization Of Air Conditioning Facilities, Benjamin Nast, Achim Reiz, Kurt Sandkuhl

Towards Industry 4.0: Impact On Production Strategies, Montserrat Jiménez Partearroyo, Carmen De Pablos Heredero, Ana Medina López, Luis Miguel Luis Miguel Arroyo Gutierrez

Experimental Approaches To Nfc-Enabled Packaging For Ux / Cx Of Physical Artefacts: A Technology Maturity Study, Justina Karpavičė, Iusef Abdel Hafith, Torben Tambo, Francesco Chinello, Ingrida Venytė, Laura Gegeckienė

The Relative Impact Of Qr Codes On Omnichannel Customer Experience And Purchase Intention, Kimberley Kjeldsen, Margrete Nodeland, Asle Fagerstrøm, Sanchit Pawar

The Viability Of Telesurgery Service In The Autonomous Region Of The Azores, Supported By The 5G Network, Gualter Sousa, Arnaldo Santos

Maintenance Forecasting Model For Geographically Distributed Home Appliances Using Spatial-Temporal Networks, Taha Falatouri, Patrick Brandtner, Mehran Nasseri, Farzaneh Darbanian

Digital Transformation Under Covid-19: A Bibliometric Study And Future Research Agenda, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Sibukele Gumbo, Hossana Twinomurinzi, Kelvin Bwalya, Mercy Mpinganjira

Parallel Session 3B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Modern Build Automation For An Insurance Company - Tool Selection, Moritz Lange, Kim Chi Tran, Alexander Grunewald, Arne Koschel, Anna Pakosch

Industry 5.0 – Past, Present, And Near Future, João Barata, Ina Kayser

How Can Floss Support Cobit 2019? Coverage Analysis And A Conceptual Framework, Laura Jaime, João Barata

Towards A Technology Acceptance Methodology For Industry 4.0, Georgios Stergiou, Evangelia Kavakli, Konstantinos Kotis

Decision Theory And Risk Simulation Analysis For Optimizing Profit In Paylater Services, Nicholas Dominic, Bens Pardamean

A Hybrid Model Of Risk Assessment Of The Functioning Of Information Modules Of Critical Infrastructure Objects, Volodymyr Polishchuk, Yurii Mlavets, Iryna Rozora

Towards A Paradigm Shift In Vehicle Project Management: From A Traditional Multi-Project-Management To An Integrated Process-Based Digital Approach, Emre Kilic, Markus Rabe

Risks In Cloud Computing Relationships: A Study Of Large Public Buying Organizations In Sweden, Georg Hodosi, Erik Jussi, Lazar Rusu

Parallel Session 4B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Migration Of A Logistical And Stock Management To A Web/Mobile Environment: A Case Study, Cátia Machado, António Cunha, António Jorge De Gouveia

Applications And Perceptions Of Workforce Management Systems For Warehouse Operation - Results And Findings From Expert Interviews, Marike Kellermayr-Scheucher, Maria Niedermeier, Patrick Brandtner

Social Business Object Ontology (Soboont): A Formal Description Of A Novel Concept For Social Features, Simon Meier, Petra Schubert

Major Concerns About Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Systems: A Systematic Review Of A Decade Of Research (2011-2021), Emanuel João Martins, Fernando Paulo Belfo

The Adoption Of 4Step-Rule-Set Method For Ontological Design: Application In A Real Industrial Project, Tiago F. Pereira

Investigating The Factors Of Customer Experiences Using Real-Life Text-Based Banking Chatbot: A Qualitative Study In Norway, Anine Holtmoen Petersson, Sanchit Pawar, Asle Fagerstrøm

Customizing Erp-Systems: A Framework To Support The Decision-Making Process, Eli Hustad, Johan Stensholt

Investigating Erp System Customization: A Focus On Cloud-Erp, Hans Fredrik Hansen, Moutaz Haddara, Marius Langseth

Parallel Session 1C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Thu - 08h30 - 10h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Are Software Projects Evaluated Using Software Teams’ Success Criteria? A Systematic Literature Review, Robert Hans, Senyeki Marebane

Agile Teams’ Assignment Model For Scaling Agile, Vitor Anes, António Abreu, Ana Dias, João Calado

Use Of The Internet Of Things In The Construction Industry And Facility Management: Usage Examples Overview, Yulia Shvets, Tomáš Hanák

Model To Improve An Erp Implementation Based On Agile Best Practice: A Delphi Study, Werner Henry Salas Bejar

Successful It Projects – A Multiple Case Study Of Benefits Management Practices, Helene Berg, Kjetil Holgeid, Magne Jørgensen, Gro Holst Volden

Recommendation Method For Customized It Project Management, Ariel La Paz, Rodrigo López

Introduction To An Agile Framework For The Management Of Technology Transfer Projects, Alexandra Martin

Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Emerging Technologies In Last-Mile Delivery In The Retail Industry, Ra-Ees Ismail, Osden Jokonya

Parallel Session 2C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Thu - 11h00 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Measuring The Societal Impacts Of University-Industry R&D Collaborations, Maria Martinez Cohen, Gabriela Fernandes, Pedro Godinho

Critical Success Factors Of University-Industry R&D Collaborations, Gabriela Fernandes, José Santos, Pedro Ribeiro, Luís Ferreira, David O’Sullivan, Daniela Barroso, Eduardo Pinto

Science Education Through Project-Based Learning: A Case Study, Carolina Santos, Eliza Rybska, Michal Klichowski, Barbara Jankowiak, Sylwia Jaskulska, Nuno Domingues, Diana Carvalho, Tânia Rocha, Hugo Paredes, Paulo Martins, João Rocha

Exploring Measures To Promote Learning And Unlearning In Projects., Bassam Hussein

Ethic Paths In Engineering Education, José Figueiredo

What Factors Contributes To Success In An Event Project? A Case Study Of The Learning Experiences Of Students In A Project Management Course., Hilde Nordahl-Pedersen, Kari Heggholmen

An Emerging Qualitative Study On Project Management As A Bridge Between Cognitive Learning And Employability, Erina Guraziu, Giovanna Del Gobbo

Bim Training Course Improving Skills Of Construction Industry Professionals, Alcinia Sampaio

Parallel Session 3C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Digital Maturity Model For Research And Development Organization With The Aspect Of Sustainability, Krzysztof Jacek Kupilas, Vicente Rodríguez Montequín, Javier García González, Guillermo Alonso Iglesias

Prioritizing Stakeholders To Boost Collaborative R&I Projects Benefits: An Analytic Network Process Approach, José Santos, Gabriela Fernandes

Analysis Of Project Management Tools To Support Knowledge Management, Miguel Clemente, Luísa Domingues

Modeling The Risk Of An Organizational Development Portfolio, Camilo Mican, Gabriela Fernandes, Madalena Araújo

Management Of R&D Projects In The Early Phases Of The Project Life Cycle – Empirical Research, Agata Klaus-Rosińska, Wojciech Pliński

Project Management Maturity Models: Proposal Of A Framework For Models Comparison, Léa Domingues, Pedro Ribeiro

A Singular Environment: Featuring A Framework For Integrated Project Management, Inês Reis, Pedro Ribeiro

A Novel Model To Adapt Cmmi Level 2 By Assessing The Local Smes Of Bangladesh, Fariya Oyshi, Anu Bonik, Md. Osman Haruni Shin, Jawaad Rashid, Mohasina Akter, Farzana Sadia

Parallel Session 4C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Economic Profitability Of The Revitalization Of Prefabricated Housing Estates In The Czech Republic, Lucie Vankova, Gabriela Kocourkova, Zdenek Krejza, Barbora Pospichalova

Compliance With Golden Rules Of Fiscal Policy In Construction Companies, Eva Vitkova, Gabriela Kocourkova

Circular Economy Development Both In The Czech Republic And The World, Martin Marek, Zdeněk Krejza

The Connection Between Incentives And Success Criteria In The Governance Of Projects, Kristin Nordvik

Exploring Causes Of Delay In Payment From Parties Involved In Road And Highway Projects In Thailand, Borvorn Israngkura Na Ayudhya

External Quality Assurance Of Cost Estimates: Empirical Evidence Of Cost Performance From The Norwegian Public Sector, Helene Berg, Ole Henning Nyhus

Delivery Planning As A Method To Increase Control Over Design Costs, Anders Walberg Nilssen, Jørgen Kolberg, Asmamaw Tadege Shiferaw

Ratio Project Planning: Cost Optimization Projects In The Production Phase, Diogo Machado, Anabela Tereso, Paulo Afonso

Parallel Session 1D (HCist) (Nov. 10 Thu - 08h30 - 10h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

An Information System For Monitoring Tuberculosis Cases: Implementation Research Protocol Using Re-Aim For A Health Region In Brazil, Nathalia Yukie Crepaldi, Vinicius Costa Lima, Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Domingos Alves

The Fast Health Interoperability Resources (Fhir) Standard And Homecare, A Scoping Review, Nelson Rocha

A Proposal For A Set Of Attributes Relevant For Web Portal Data Quality: The Brazilian Rare Disease Network Case, Filipe Andrade Bernardi, Têmis Maria Félix, André Vinci, Diego Yamada, Giovane Thomazini Soares, Mariane Neiva, Vinicius Costa Lima, Rui Rijo, Domingos Alves

Informed Consent Form Automated Validation, The Brazilian Rare Disease Network Case Proposal, Mariane Barros Neiva, André Luiz Teixeira Vinci, Diego Bettiol Yamada, Filipe Andrade Bernadi, Giovane Thomazini Soares, Vinicius Costa Lima, Domingos Alves, Têmis Maria Félix

Students’ Attitudes Towards Searching, Evaluating, And Sharing Covid-19 Related Information, Kalinka Kaloyanova, Ioannis Patias

Unsupervised Analysis Of Covid-19 Pandemic Evolution In Brazilian States: Vaccination Scenario, Victor Cassão, Domingos Alves, Ana Clara De Andrade Mioto, Mariana Tavares Mozini, Renan Barbieri Segamarchi, Newton Shydeo Brandão Miyoshi

Bibliometric Mapping Of The Research Trends On Software Architecture For E-Health Systems, Caroline Gonçalves, Luciana Pereira, Alessandra Akkari

Parallel Session 2D (HCist) (Nov. 10 Thu - 11h00 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Key Performance Indicators For Value-Based Reimbursement In Radiology: A Review., Ana Moreira, José Crispim

Forecasting Inventory For The State-Wide Pharmaceutical Service Of South Australia, Rachel Rushton, Olivia Lorraine, Junia Tiong, Masud Karim, Jhordany Parra, Rowena Dixon, Winifred Greenshields, Richard Marotti, Neil Arvin Bretana

(In)Equity In Primary Health Care Teleconsultations: An Exploratory Study, Emília Simões, José Crispim, Nazaré Rego

Patient Centered Care In Primary Health Care Teleconsultations: An Exploratory Study, Mariana Reis, José Crispim, Nazaré Rego

Care Cycle To Prevent And Treat A Breast Tumour: Where Is The Opportunity For Technology To Cut Health Costs?, Beatriz Pinto, Agostinha Gomes, Cláudia Cardoso

Demonstration And Evaluation Of The Digital Health Innovation Interoperability Framework, Tim Schepllitz

The Occupational Risks And Health Effects Resulting From Exposition To Cytotoxic Drugs Preparation, Ana Gonçalves, Rui A. F. De Oliveira, Paula Odete Fernandes

Parallel Session 3D (HCist) (Nov. 10 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Practical Recommendations For Staff Rostering Justified By Real-World Optimization, Kimmo Nurmi, Jari Kyngäs, Nico Kyngäs

Web-Tool For Optimizing Locations Of Health Centers, Pasi Fränti, Radu Mariescu-Istodor, Awais Akram

An Expert System For Lesion Detection In Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Using Transfer Learning, Andrea Caroppo, Pietro Aleardo Siciliano, Alessandro Leone

An Apriori Algorithm-Based Association Rule Analysis To Detect Human Suicidal Behaviour, Md. Mehedi Hassan, Asif Karim, Swarnali Mollick, Sami Azam, Eva Ignatious, A S M Farhan Al Haque

Intelligent Identification Of Hate Speeches To Address The Increased Rate Of Individual Mental Degeneration, Lamima Tabassum Ava, Asif Karim, Md. Mehedi Hassan, Fahad Faisal, Sami Azam, A S M Farhan Al Haque, Sadika Zaman

Clinical Pathways And Hierarchical Clustering For Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome Prediction, Verena Yamaguti, Alberto Freitas, Anderson Apunike, Rui Rijo, Domingos Alves, Antonio Ruffino-Netto

Network Analysis Of Publications On Studies Of Parkinson Disease, Fuad Aleskerov, Olga Khutorskaya, Vuacheslav Yakuba, Anna Stepochkina, Ksenia Zinoveva

Classifying And Discovering Genomic Sequences In Metagenomic Repositories, Jorge Miguel Silva, João Rafael Almeida, José Luís Oliveira

Parallel Session 4D (HCist) (Nov. 10 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Dashgen: Development Of A Computational Tool For Flexible Visualization In Complex Primary Health Care Databases In The Brazil Public Health System, Flavio De Barros Vidal, Aleteia Patricia Favacho Araujo, Raphael Paula Leite Muller, Jorge Henrique Cabral Fernandes

Towards A Beneficial Management Of Personal Health Records, Christian Kop, Gerhard Leitner, Peter Schartner, Volodymyr Shekhovtsov, Claudia Steinberger, Eleni Zografou, Daniela Stroeckl, Christoph Voutsinas, Herbert Groiss, Johannes Hoelzl, Markus Irrasch

Applying The Nominal Group Technique For The Conceptual Validation Of Ehealth Solutions, Nelson Rocha

Chat2Quit – Support Platform For Smoking Cessation, Filipa Fonte, Carlos Grilo, Roberta Frontini, Sofia Jacinto, Sara Simões Dias

Implementation Of Clinical Alerts Using A Terminology Server With Snomed Ct In Graph Databases, Elizabeth Silva, Daniel Maciavello, Marcelo Bondarenco

Sou +: Reducing Health Inequities In Rural Populations With Knee Osteoarthritis, Lara Campos, Bárbara Cardoso, Miguel Galego, Ana Teresa Machado, Diogo Marques, Carolina Santos

Introducing Digital Technologies For Remote Care In Norway And China: The Digiremote Project, Hong Li, Torbjørg Meum

Reorganisation Of The Internal Storage And Distribution Logistics In A Hospital, Luís André Rocha, Nazaré Rego

DAY 3 - November 11

Parallel Session 5A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 11 Fri - 08h30 - 10h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Proposal Of A Sensing Model In An Adaptive Enterprise Architecture, Wissal Daoudi, Karim Doumi, Laila Kjiri

A Technique To Integrate Service Business Models With Archimate, Saoriko Koyama, Yushi Tsuji, Ryuta Masuda, Hikaru Onoda, Hayate Ono, Madoka Natsuyama, Takashi Endo, Kazuki Iwasa, Shuichiro Yamamoto

Rapitest: Continuous Black-Box Testing Of Restful Web Apis, Duarte Felicio, José Simão, Nuno Datia

Reconceptualizing Erp Integration: A Module Level Perspective, Elisa Gagnon

Design Principles For Strategic Alignment In Smart City Enterprise Architectures (Scea), Viviana Bastidas, Iris Reychav, Markus Helfert

A Morphology Of Digital Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Models, Maximilian Schacker, Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva

What Do Regular Online Grocery Shoppers Want From Online Grocers Going Forward? Suggestions For Service Quality Improvements, Niklas Eriksson, Minna Stenius

Missing Skills Destroy Iron Triangle Of Is Purchasing, Juha Närvä, Timo Kärri, Lasse Metso

Fleet Management Enterprise Systems And Traffic Control Synergies: A Literature Review And Research Agenda, Apostolos Kotsialos, Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou

Parallel Session 6A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 11 Fri - 11h00 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

What Needs Making Information Systems Integration Successful In The Case Of Mergers And Acquisition, Björn Johansson, Fredrik Waldau, Oskar Åhlström

Cloud Erp Systems Architectural Challenges On Cloud Adoption In Large International Organizations: A Sociomaterial Perspective, Victoria Paulsson, Björn Johansson

Oss Adoption Strategies Ranking, Lucía Méndez, Juan Pablo Carvallo

Collaborative Actions On Documents Ontology (Colactdont), Martin Just, Petra Schubert

Identification And Classification Of Adoption Supporting Measures For Enterprise Collaboration Systems, Jens Alberts, Carolin Blankenberg, Susan P. Williams

Is The Structure Of “Regular Working Days” About To Dissolve? Changes In Employees’ Time-Use Patterns Working In Enterprise Collaboration Systems During The Covid-19 Pandemic, Nathalie Scharf, Laura Lükemann, Petra Schubert, Susan P. Williams, Anja Abendroth, Antje Schwarz

The Use Of Benefits Scorecards For Identifying And Measuring Benefits From Enterprise Collaboration Systems, Söhnke Grams

A Management System To Personalize Notifications In The Tv Ecosystem, João Encarnação, Simão Bentes, Ana Velhinho, Telmo Silva, Rita Santos, Roger Salgado, Fernando Afonso

Parallel Session 7A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 11 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Flexi - A Conceptual Model For Enterprise Cyber Resilience, Jeimy Cano

Towards The Development Of A Blockchain-Based Decentralized Digital Credential System Using Hyperledger Fabric For Participatory Governance, Christian Pulmano, Ma Regina Justina Estuar, Nicole Allison Co, Hans Calvin Tan, Marlene De Leon, Lenard Paulo Tamayo

Towards The Development Of A Blockchain System For Philippine Government Processes For Enhanced Transparency And Verifiability, Karlo Angelo Cabugwang, Raphael Christen Enriquez, Bienvenido Villabroza, Christian Pulmano

Gamers’ Reaction To The Use Of Nft In Aaa Video Games, Rogério Tavares, João Paulo De Sousa, Bruno Maganinho, João Pedro Gomes

Blockchain In The Shipping Industry - A Proposal For The Use Of Blockchain For Smes In The Shipping Industry, Friedrich Lorenz-Meyer

Cyber Resilience, A Survey Of Case Studies, Nelson Rocha

Consumer Cyber Insurance As Risk Transfer: A Coverage Analysis, Florian Schütz, Florian Rampold, Andre Kalisch, Kristin Masuch

An Analysis Of The Implementation Of Children’S Rights In The Digital World: A Case Study Of Botswana, Gabaikanngwe Ethel Mambo, Godfrey Gichuhi Kinyanjui

Cyber Hygiene Practices Across Cultures: A Cross Cultural Study Of The Us And Saudi Arabia Based Information Systems Users, Sarah Alowais, Pratyush Sharma, Inaiya Armeen, Allen Johnston

Parallel Session 8A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 11 Fri - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Information Security Challenges During Digital Transformation, Bemenet Kasahun Gebremeskel, Gideon Mekonnen Jonathan, Sileshi Demesie Yalew

Impact Of Cyber-Attacks On The Financial Institutions, Olivér Gulyás, Dr. Habil. Gábor Kiss

A Bibliometric Analysis Of Phishing In The Big Data Era: High Focus On Algorithms And Low Focus On People, Mirjana Pejić Bach, Ivan Jajić, Tanja Kamenjarska

Understanding Issues And Challenges Of Dfr Implementation In Sdn Platform, Howard Munkhondya, Prof. Hein Venter, Dr. Richard A. Ikuesan, Avinash Singh

The Obstacles Of Internet-Only Bank As An Alternative Banking Service, Avus Hou, Yu-Zhan Lu

Exploring The Impact Of Gdpr On Big Data Analytics Operations In The E-Commerce Industry, Moutaz Haddara, Arra Salazar, Marius Langseth

An Exploratory Analysis Of The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape For Botswana, Seth Sarefo, Maurice Dawson, Banyatsang Mphago

An Analysis Of Botswana’S Cybercrime Legislation, Seth Sarefo, Maurice Dawson, Banyatsang Mphago

Parallel Session 5B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 11 Fri - 08h30 - 10h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Characterisation Of The First Group Of Participants In The Capacid@De Digital Initiative, Mariana Carvalho, Óscar Oliveira, Renata Freitas, Carla Pereira

It Alignment: A Path Towards Digital Transformation Success, Gideon Mekonnen Jonathan, Sileshi Demesie Yalew, Bemenet Kasahun Gebremeskel, Lazar Rusu, Erik Perjons

Work Practice View To Digitalization – A Literature Review, Timo Tokkonen, Atte Kinnula, Marianne Kinnula, Kari Kuutti

Students’ Concerns About Online Remote Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic In The 4Ir Digital Society, Walter Matli, Phurutsi. B Mashitishi

Extending The Use Of The Belief Action Outcome Model During Covid-19 Pandemic: Technology Access Review On Locational Disparities And Inequalities For Knowledge Workers, Walter Matli, Phurutsi. Mashitishi

Engage Students In News Writing, Luísa Júlio, Diogo Carvalho, Alexandre Ulisses, Inês Lima, Telmo Silva

Organizational Aspects Of Digitalization In The Context Of Agriculture: Exemplary Results From Analyzing Data Flows In German Dairy Farming, Anne-Kathrin Schwab, Jantje Halberstadt, Andrii Besieda, Martin Kraft, Arne Ortland

An Approach For Real Time Management Of Global Manufacturing Enterprises Based On Digital Data Stream, Hemant Jain

Parallel Session 6B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 11 Fri - 11h00 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

A Methodology For Mapping Cybersecurity Standards Into Governance Guidelines For Sme In Portugal, Bruno Azinheira, Mário Antunes, Marisa Maximiano, Ricardo Gomes

Forecasting Future Product Sequences To Be Processed In Tire Production Using Deep Learning Technique, Ambre Dupuis, Camelia Dadouchi, Bruno Agard, Robert Pellerin

A Literature Review On Digital Twins In Warehouses, Marie-Jane Bélanger, Robert Pellerin, Samir Lamouri

Ai-Powered Digital Transformation: Tools, Benefits And Challenges For Marketers – Case Study Of Lpp, Edyta Gołąb-Andrzejak

International Publication Trends In Lean Agile Management Research: A Bibliometric Analysis, Julia Yumi Ito, Franciane Freitas Silveira, Igor Polezi Munhoz, Alessandra Cristina Santos Akkari

Digital Marketing: The Case Of Digital Marketing Strategies On Luxurious Hotels, Dimitrios Belias, Ioannis Rossidis, Angelos Ntalakos, Trihas Nikolaos

Dependencies Between Mes Features And Efficient Implementation, René Peinl, Susanne Purucker, Sabine Vogel

Artificial Intelligence Models: A Literature Review Addressing Industry 4.0 Approach, Helio Castro

Parallel Session 7B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 11 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Building An Intelligent System For Answering Specialized Questions About Covid-19, Bilyana Dobreva, Maria Nisheva-Pavlova

Design And Implementation Of A Product Recommendation System With Association And Clustering Algorithms, Chibuzor Udokwu, Robert Zimmermann, Farzaneh Darbanian, Tobechi Obinwanne, Patrick Brandtner

Predicting Prices Of Airbnb Listings Via Graph Neural Networks And Document Embeddings: The Case Of The Island Of Santorini, Nikos Kanakaris, Nikos Karacapilidis

Scaling Ai-Based Industry 4.0 Projects In The Medical Device Industry: An Exploratory Analysis, Dave Sweeney, Syam Sreekandan Nair, Kathryn Cormican

Development Of A Unified Artificial Immune System For Complex Objects Control Within The Framework Of The Industry 4.0 Concept, Galina Samigulina, Zarina Samigulina

Exploring Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Methods In Erp Selection, Kjetil Hansen, Moutaz Haddara, Marius Langseth

Visualization Of Attention Distraction Points Obtained By Modelling And Analysis Of An Intelligent Bicycle Assistant System, Harish Moturu, Johannes Schering, Jorge Marx Gómez

A Reference Model For Artificial Intelligence Techniques In Stimulating Reasoning, And Cognitive And Motor Development, Vitor Santos, Henrique Mamede, Clara Silveira, Leonilde Reis

Parallel Session 8B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 11 Fri - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

The Perception Of The Management And Lower-Level Employees Of The Impacts Of Using Robotic Process Automation: The Case Of A Shared Services Company, Miguel Gomes, Isabel Seruca

A Review Of Industry 4.0 Maturity Models: Adoption Of Smes In The Manufacturing And Logistics Sectors., Hussein Elhusseiny, Hussein Elhusseiny, José Crispim

Process Automation Using Rpa – A Literature Review, Sílvia Moreira, Henrique Mamede, Arnaldo Santos

A Cloud-Based 3D Real-Time Inspection Platform For Industry: A Case-Study Focusing Automotive Cast Iron Parts, Jose Rubén Pozo Pérez, Javier Lamar León, Yusbel Chávez Castilla, Somayeh Shahrabadi, Vitor Anjos, Telmo Adão, Emanuel Peres, Luis Magalhães, Dibet Garcia Gonzalez

Simulation Of Database Interactions For Early Validation Of Digitized Enterprise Processes, Sylvia Melzer, Oliver C. Eichmann, Hongxu Wang, Ralf God

Literature Review Of Decision Models For The Sustainable Implementation Of Robotic Process Automation, Leonel Patrício, Paulo Ávila, Leonilde Varela, José Silva, Manuela Cruz-Cunha

Product Customization Based On Digital Twin And Cloud Manufacturing Within A Decentralized Production System, Helio Castro

Parallel Session 5C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 11 Fri - 08h30 - 10h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Tailoring: A Case Study On The Application Of The Seventh Principle Of Pmbok 7 In A Public Institution., Marcelle Rodrigues, Luisa Domingues, João Pedro Oliveira

Analysis Of Emotional Intelligence In Project Managers: Scale Development And Validation, Cian Camplisson, Kathryn Cormican

Autonomy To Project Manager: How To Design?, Rama Papi Reddy Annapureddy

Pmbok 6Th Meets 7Th: How To Link Both Guides In Order To Support Project Tailoring?, Filipe Amaro, Luísa Domingues

Study On Project Management In Portugal Within The Scope Of The Portuguese Project Management Observatory, Catarina Miranda, Anabela Tereso, A. Manuela Gonçalves, Paulo Sousa, Pedro Engrácia

The Use Of Bim-Based Tools To Improve Collaborative Building Projects, Alcinia Zita Sampaio, Vitor Fernandes, Augusto Gomes

Function Of Project Steering Committees In Large Capital Projects, Shajal Drake, Michiel Bekker

A Review Of Project Management Practices In Eu-Funded Horizon2020 Projects, Alberto De Marco, Giulio Mangano

Cq-Motivation: The X-Factor In Global Project Teams?, Neil Robinson

Parallel Session 6C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 11 Fri - 11h00 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

An Integrated Multi-Project Scheduling, Materials Ordering And Suppliers Selection Problem, Md. Asadujjaman, Humyun Fuad Rahman, Ripon K. Chakrabortty, Michael J. Ryan

Engineer-To-Order Challenges And Issues: A Systematic Literature Review Of The Manufacturing Industry, Carlos Silva Fortes, Alexandra B. Tenera, Pedro F. Cunha

Co-Determination And Participation In Project Management. Experiences From The Construction Of A Hospital Building In Norway., Tina Åsgård, Heidi Breistrand Bringsvor, Lene Jørgensen

Challenges In The Adoption Of Sustainable Criteria In The Swedish Property Development Industry, Ni Made Nindya Desivyana, Orestis Farmakis, Linda Cusumano, Rasmus Rempling

Project Ownership In Public-Private Partnership (Ppp) Projects Of Norway, Mohammad Azarian, Asmamaw Tadege Shiferaw, Ola Lædre, Paulos Abebe Wondimu, Tor Kristian Stevik

Shipbuilding Engineer-To-Order Supply Chain: A Systematic Literature Review, Tarek Fatouh, Nazare Rego

Development Of An Assessment Model Of Organizational Change Readiness By Using Fuzzy Logic, Abdelouahab Errida, Bouchra Lotfi, Zaineb Chatibi

Effective Project Management Of 3Rd Party Funding In European Union Horizon Industry4.0 Projects: Sharing Experiences From Two Use Cases, Nicholas Fair, Stefano Modafferi, Alexandros Nizamis, Usman Wajid

Parallel Session 7C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 11 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Stakeholder Engagement As A Determinant Of The Governance In Projects, Ronielton Fernandes, Gabriela Fernandes, Daniel Pardini

Digital Skills For Project Managers: A Systematic Literature Review, Mohamed Amine Marhraoui

Evaluating Project Management (Pm) Readiness In Construction Companies: Cases From Chile, Alfredo Serpell, Herbert Rubio

Forecasting Project Success Through Project Team Trust: Brazilian Empirical Study, Marcela Castro, Bouchaib Bahli, Andre Barcaui, Ronnie Figueiredo

Project Managers Soft Skills Influence In Knowledge Sharing, Inês Avença, Luísa Domingues, Helena Carvalho

Contractor Selection For Project Execution Using Multi-Attribute Decision Making, Jose Ramón San Cristóbal, Victor Fernández, Daniel Domínguez, Salinas Saul, Alvargonzález Raul

Exploring The Relationship Between Personal And Work Characteristics Of Project Managers And Psychological Safety In Virtual Teams, Michael Dzandu, Ineala Theophilus, Dania Issa

PPP in the Portuguese Health Sector: Contractual compliance assessment, Nuno J. P. Rodrigues

Parallel Session 8C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 11 Fri - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Protecting Occupational Health And Safety In Construction Companies In The Czech Republic, Martin Nový, Jana Nováková

Analyzing The Nature Of Contractor Claims And Strategies For Their Effective Management: A Case Of Buildserve In Botswana, Joseph Ssegawakaggwa, Sylvester Keakile

Goodwill As A Part Of Marketing Strategy In Construction Companies In The Czech Republi, Radek Dohnal, Alena Tichá, Dana Linkeschová

Which Contractor Competencies Are Valuable For The Client In The Pre-Construction Phase?, Nadina Memic, Allen Tadayon, Paulos Abebe Wondimu, Ola Lædre, Ole Jonny Klakegg

Entrepreneurship Education Through Sustainable Value Creation – Exploring A Project Introducing Circular Economy, Judit Bragelien, Kari Håvåg Voldsund

Uncertainty Management In The Design Phase Of Road Projects, Rouzbeh Shabani, Tausif Ahmed Ishtiaque, Agnar Johansen, Olav Torp, Danyal Asadipour Farsani

Evaluation Of Preferences For Concrete Admixtures Using Statistical Perception Techniques In The Procurement Management For The Colombian Construction Market, Carlos Gabriel Hernandez Carrillo, Jorge Andrés Sarmiento Rojas, Milton Januario Rueda Varón, Fabian David Güiza Pinzón, Luis Miguel Toloza Gordillo

Defining The Relational Charter For Commercial Project Contracts, Jonathan Espach, Michiel Bekker

Parallel Session 5D (HCist) (Nov. 11 Fri - 08h30 - 10h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Interoperability Approach For Hospital Information Systems Based On The Composition Of Web Services, Lydie Simone Kone/Tapsoba, Yaya Traore, Sadouanouan Malo

Software Framework And Graph-Based Methodology For Optimal Patient Appointment Planning, Zoltan Sule, Janos Baumgartner, Daniel Leitold, Tibor Dulai, Akos Orosz, Agnes Vathy-Fogarassy

A Design-Thinking Approach To Identifying Needs In A Danish Healthcare Setting, Neil Arvin Bretana, Ea Høg Utoft, Sys Zoffmann Glud

Scaling Laws And Spatial Effects Of Brazilian Health Regions: A Research Protocol, Giovane Soares, Diego Yamada, Filipe Bernardi, Mariane Neiva, Luis Lombradi Junior, André Vinci, Ana Mioto, Domingos Alves

A Novel Blockchain-Based Architectural Modal For Healthcare Data Integrity: Covid19 Screening Laboratory Use-Case, Sabri Barbaria, Halima Mahjoubi, Hanene Boussi Rahmouni

Medication Recommendation In Cancer Treatment Based On Cell Line Similarity, Diogo Pimenta, Mónica Teles, Fernando Paulo Belfo, António Trigo

Parallel Session 6D (HCist) (Nov. 11 Fri - 11h00 - 13h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

A New Approach For Native Myocardial T1 Mapping Using A Standard Single-Shot Mri Pulse Sequence Technique., Mariem Dali, Narjes Benameur, Salam Labidi

Heuristic Evaluation Of The Usability Of A Mechanical Ventilator Interface Through A Simulator, Ruben Silva, Ana Carolina Lima, Evismar Andrade, Ana Isabel Martins, Nelson P. Rocha

Gissa Intelligent Chatbot Experience – How Effective Was The Interaction Between Pregnant Women And A Chatbot During The Covid-19 Pandemic?, Raquel Silveira, Claudia Pernencar, Fábio Sousa, Kamila Gomes, Deivith Oliveira, Inga Saboia, Cristiane Carvalhedo, Luiz Andrade, Ivana Barreto

Investigating Conversational Agents In Healthcare: Application Of A Technical-Oriented Taxonomy, Kerstin Denecke, Richard May

Cognitive Rehabilitation: A Comparison Model Of A Digital Environment Based On Serious Games And The Traditional Methods, Helena Gonçalves, Firmino Silva

A Deep Learning-Based Model For Human Activity Recognition Using Biosensors Embedded Into A Smart Knee Bandage, Sakorn Mekruksavanich, Ponnipa Jantawong, Anuchit Jitpattanakul

Deep Learning Approaches For Har On Activities Of Daily Living Using Imu Sensors In Smart Glasses, Sakorn Mekruksavanich, Ponnipa Jantawong, Anuchit Jitpattanakul

Audio Delivery Of Health Information: An Nlp Study Of Information Difficulty And Bias In Listeners, Arif Ahmed, Gondy Leroy, Han Yu Lu, David Kauchak, Jeff Stone, Philip Harber, Stephen A. Rains, Prashant Mishra, Bhumi Chitroda

Parallel Session 7D (HCist) (Nov. 11 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Using Mixed Reality And Machine Learning To Assist Caregivers In Nursing Home And Promote Well-Being, Carlos R. Cunha, André Moreira, Luís Pires, Paula Odete Fernandes

A Comparative Study Of Cnn And U-Net Performance For Automatic Segmentation Of Medical Images: Application To Cardiac Mri, Wafa Baccouch, Sameh Oueslati, Basel Solaiman, Salam Labidi

Diabetic Retinopathy Grading Using Blended Deep Learning, Fernando C. Monteiro

Glaucoma Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks For Mobile Use, Meltem Esengönül, António Cunha

A Machine Learning Approach For Mapping And Accelerating Multiple Sclerosis Research, António Lopes, Bruno Amaral

Caregiver Segmentation Using The Integration Of The Modified Burden Dimension And Fuzzy C-Means, Nabillah Annisa Rahmayanti, Retno Aulia Vinarti

Dementia Prediction Using Machine Learning, Sara Dhakal, Sami Azam, Khan Md. Hasib, Asif Karim, Mirjam Jonkman, A S M Farhan Al Haque

Preliminary Results To Predict Tuberculosis Outcomes Applying Traditional And Automated Machine Learning Models, Ana Clara De Andrade Mioto, Mariana Tavares Mozini, Renan Barbieri Segamarchi, Giovane Thomazini Soares, Pedro Emilio Andrade Martins, Victor Cassão, Luís Gustavo Barichello Ferrassini, Newton Shydeo Brandão Miyoshi, Domingos Alves, Lariza Laura De Oliveira

Parallel Session 8D (HCist) (Nov. 11 Fri - 17h00 - 19h00. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)

Virtual Reality Haptic Device For Mental Illness Treatment, Leonel Deusdado, Alexandre Antunes

A Quasi-Static Biomechanical Model Of The Human Myocardium Based On Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images, Rania Awadi, Narjes Benameur, Tesnim Kraiem, Salam Labidi

Virtual Reality In Depressive And Anxiety Symptomatology – Contributions To Revida Project From A Mobile App Mapping, Marília Ruivo, Roberta Frontini, Claudia Pernencar

A Big Data Approach To Explore Medical Imaging Repositories Based On Dicom, Nelson Rocha

Procurement Of Artificial Intelligence For Radiology Practice, Line Silsand, Gro-Hilde Severinsen, Line Linstad, Gunnar Ellingsen

Mmg Signal Analysis For Muscle Performance Assessment, Tasneem Hazem, Hassan Soubra, Hisham Othman

Image Thresholding Approaches For Medical Image Segmentation - Short Literature Review, Sandra Jardim, João António, Carlos Mora

Closing Session (Nov. 11 Fri - 19h00 - 19h30. Click here for Zoom videoconference access)